Gavalas Panos

1966-The Seagulls
1967-The door opens
1967-Sings by Pano Gavala
1968-Amber beads
1968-Poor misery and dreams
1970-We only live once
1970-Panos Gavalas
1970 – A heart catches fire
1971-Today on this disc
1971-In the cafe in Perama
1975-Modest and humble
1976-My Successes
1976-Front cliff and back stream
1977-14 Golden Successes
1977-Popular emotions
1978-My Best Songs
1979-Current and popular
1980-A station
1982-Unforgettable Successes
1982-An adventure
1983-Unforgettable Successes 2
1984-It’s time for a hug
1984-The Golden Age 1954-1961 No 1
1984-The Golden Age 1954-1961 No 2
1985-The Golden Age 1954-1961 No 5
1985-The Golden Age 1954-1961 No 15
1986-A breath
1987-Lambraki-Two two
1989-Singing the seasons 2
1991-The Great Successes
1994-From the treasures of 45 turns
1994-Discography Tsitsani 8 (Panou – Gavalas)
1994-Popular emotions-An adventure
1995-Successes from the 45 turns No. 1
1996-Successes from the 45 turns No. 2
1995-The portraits of Minos EMI-15
1996-Songs From The 45 Turns
1996-Great Successes
1997-Songs From 45 Turns No 2
1997-So it is always with a Goodbye
1998-The Great Voices of Greek Song
1998-Songs From 45 Turns No 3
1999-Again at sunrise
2000-Songs From 45 Turns No. 4
2001-18 Great Successes
2002-Great Greek Performers No. 3
Great Successes
2005-Every misery and tear
2006-14 Great songs
2006-Anthology – 1926-1988 (4 Cd)
2007-From the 78 turns (1954 – 1960) (4 Cd)
2008-Reminiscing about the old
2009-The Greek song No 11