1977 Happy Birthday
1978 Don’t Dream
1980 In the Eyes Look at Me
1981 Governments Fall But Love Remains
1981 Smyrna
1983 Nathan the Life Song
1983 First Night In Athens
1983 With Glyceria In The Beautiful Night
1983 From Smyrna to Piraeus
1984 In The Beautiful Night And This Year
1985 My First Songs
1985 Romantic song
1985 Magical Nights in Lycabettus
1986 A Love When It Starts Again
1986 My Eyes;
1986 Songs For The Young On Earth
1986 When Buddha When Buddha
1987 The Paratragouda
1987 And I was dizzy … You ποτα Nothing
1987 With Full Moon
1987 Christos Nikolopoulos: Live Recording
1987 Hits Lyra 22 of her famous songs.
1988 Come and We left Zig Zag album with Glykeria participating in a song.
1988 New Moon with the participation of Glykeria in 3 songs.
1988 Once I Remember
1989 Glass Houses Glykeria’s participation in 2 songs.
1989 On the Moon the Embrace
1989 Walk In Greece
1990 All My Secrets
1990 Christmas with Giannis Vogiatzis Glykeria with him in Paios o Palios o Chronos.
1990 The Altana of Parga
1990 Great Successes
1990 Calls Challenges Invitations
1990 All Babies on the Track
1990 Greco Mascara
1990 All My Secrets
1991 Dawn
1991 Let’s go to Charka
1992 Glykeria Live in Lycabettus
1992 The Wonderland
1992 Art Folk Song / Music Days
1992 Do Something
1993 Mr. Mitsakis
1993 Eros Has Suffering
1993 The Last Concert in Veakeio
1993 Contemporary Folk Song / Lyra Music Days
1994 Do Not Throw Anything
1994 Golden Hits Released in Israel.
1994 In A Design
1994 Jerusalem
1995 Far Away album in Israel.
1995 The Voice of Greece Her album released in France.
1995 Rebetika & Traditional
1995 Ethnic Beats
1995 Dancing with the Greek
1995 The Handkerchief of Love
1995 Her Best
1995 Glykeria participates in Greece in 2000.
1996 Glykeria Sings Antoni Vardi Columbia
1996 Old Lyra Accounts Participation in the album of Nikos Ziogalas.
1996 Remember Whatever Happens
1996 Flowers of Reverence Glykeria participates.
1996 Paspartou Glykeria participates.
1997 My Successes Lyra
1997 Breath East
1997 14 Greek Classics
1997 Business Glykeria participates in the Balkans.
1997 I drink and I get drunk Glykeria participates.
1997 Glyceria Participates Cellotype.
1998 Columbia Mask
1998 Sweet Sorrow
1998 The Gull’s Winging Glykeria participates.
1999 With The Sony Classical Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
1999 Oh My Sweet Air Eros Hymns of Good Friday
1999 Glykeria In Old Folk And Traditional Songs
1999 Judas Kissed Wonderfully Glykeria participates.
1999 Dispersion Glykeria participates.
1999 Holy Spirit of Serres Glykeria participates.
2000 The Collection
2000 The son of Gerakina Glykeria participates.
2000 Eighteen Glykeria participates.
2000 What Are You Looking For In Tsaki Chan China Glykeria Participates.
2000 Of Love The Light Glykeria Participates.
2000 Our Best Years Are Now Glykeria Participates.
2001 Dawn 2001 Live recording.
2001 August 15 Glykeria participates.
2001 Famagusta Queen Glykeria participates.
2001 Challenge Glykeria participates.
2001 The Rebetika Tis Ergatia Glykeria participates.
2001 Alif Glykeria participates.
2002 The Rebetika of Glykeria
2002 Open Heart 
2002 49 Great Successes
2002 Glykeria participates in the Echo of Love.
2003 25 Great Successes.
2003 Smyrne Glykeria participates.
2003 My Joy Glykeria participates.
2003 Aegean Glykeria participates.
2003 Words Are Roads Glykeria participates.
2003 Love Came From Far Away Glykeria Participates.
2004 Rebetiki Tetras
2004 Live At The Odeon Of Herod Atticus
Tribute to Asia Minor
Until We Find Heaven
2005 I Have the Power Glykeria participates.
Twelve And One Looks At The Dodecanese
2005 Female Glykeria Participates.
2005 Nothing Happens by Accident
2005 My Colored Hours;
2006 Thanasis Polykandriotis & The Next Glykeria participates.
Rain of the Stars
2006 New Steps On Old Paths
20006 Greek Lounge 2: Greek Songs That Traveled the World Glykeria participates.
2006 I do not know how much I love you Glykeria participates.
2006 Tear in the Glass Glykeria participates.
2007 Glykeria Sings Contemporary Creators Difono (magazine)
I Still Believe
2007 Out of Program –
2008 My Foundations In The Mountains
2008 Matana
2008 Glykeria In Laika And Rebetika
2008 All The Smyrnaeans
2008 Through My World
I Will Drink The Moon Tonight
The Best Live 1982-2006
2009 Love Is The Cause
2009 Glykeria-The Voice Of Greece
2009 Eros Glykeria
2009 Whatever Happens Remember
Hachana And Cabbages
2009 Collage
2009 Love Can Everything
The Flower Singers
2010 144 Great Successes
2010 Love Is Free
2010 The Greek Selection
2011 With Two Feathers On The Back
2011 No matter how many years pass
2011 Opposite
2012 Wherever You Are Come back
2013 Growing Up Together
2013 Greece Hello
2014 Do My Greece Courage;
2014 In Greece Of Love
2015 Road To Jerusalem F.
2015 Souvenir De Salonique Glykeria participates.
2016 I followed A Star