Kafasis Costas

He was born in 1940 in Itea, Karditsa. At a young age he moved to Athens to work. He became widely known for the song “Gela Kyria mou” as well as for his participation in the TV series Our Neighborhood in the role of “Jonathan”. He died of cancer on October 13, 2010 at the age of 70.

Excerpt from an interview he has given before.

“My dream was to become a theatrical artist. From a young age, this was my mania, my passion, my illness. I was born and raised in Itea (Koutsari) of Karditsa and always in our summers we visited the so-called herds of the time, the famous touring troupes, so seeing them I wanted to be one of them too.With this reasoning I grew up, finished high school in Karditsa, came to Athens, finished drama school and entered the theater.I worked in the theater for six years and did more than ten The greatest fortune came in 1971, when I was called to play in a series of the then famous “Our Neighborhood”. The 70’s was the one that marked me. At the end of 74 I worked in a shop and completely by chance Kostas Psychogios listened to me and gave me “Lala Kyria mou”